The Commission’s former base of administrative, operational and maintenance activities is undergoing a five-year-long transformation to a more modern and functional facility.  When completed, the reconstructed campus in Morrisville will house Commission security operations, new quarters for Trenton-Morrisville (Route 1) Toll Bridge toll-collection personnel, and a smaller – but improved – maintenance/storm-response installation. The work is one facet of a broad Southern Operations & Maintenance Facilities Improvements Project.

When the changes at Morrisville are completed (currently projected for the end of 2024), the site will have targeted maintenance responsibilities limited to the three bridges immediately serving the City of Trenton and the Borough of Morrisville: Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge, Lower Trenton (“Trenton Makes”) Toll-Supported Bridge, and Calhoun Street Toll-Supported Bridge.

The Commission’s Morrisville property lies immediately adjacent (and largely below) the elevated portion of Route 1 on the toll bridge’s Pennsylvania side.  It was the base of Commission operations for more than 60 years. The four-story administration building at the site was vacated — except for toll-taking personnel — in September 2019, when the Commission opened a new office building near the Scudder Falls (I-295) Toll Bridge.

Note: All dates on this page are approximate.

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