New Jersey

Five members are nominated by the New Jersey Governor and confirmed by the State Senate for three-year terms.

  • Phil Murphy
    Phil Murphy Governor of New Jersey

    • Michael B. Lavery
      Michael B. Lavery Chairman Biography
      • Yuki Moore Laurenti
        Yuki Moore Laurenti Treasurer Biography
        • Lori Ciesla
          Lori Ciesla Biography
          • Aladar G. Komjathy
            Aladar G. Komjathy Biography
            • Garrett Leonard Van Vliet
              Garrett Leonard Van Vliet Biography


              Five members are appointed by the Pennsylvania Governor and serve at his pleasure.

              • Tom Wolf
                Tom Wolf Governor of Pennsylvania

                • Vacancy
                  Vacancy Vice Chairperson
                  • Pam Janvey
                    Pam Janvey Secretary Biography
                    • John D. Christy
                      John D. Christy Biography
                      • Daniel H. Grace
                        Daniel H. Grace Biography
                        • Amy Zanelli
                          Amy Zanelli Biography