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The adjacent dual roadways are 28 feet wide each and are separated by an aluminum median barrier. A 5 foot wide sidewalk is located on the south side of the eastbound roadway, separated from the travels lanes by a concrete barrier.

The Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge carries Interstate 80 across the Delaware River near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, providing a gateway from eastern metropolitan areas to the Pocono tourist and recreational destinations. Through Pennsylvania, Interstate 80 is a four-lane, limited access highway crossing the entire width of the state to the Ohio border and directly connects to the Ohio Turnpike. On the New Jersey side, Interstate 80 connects the Delaware Water Gap Bridge to the George Washington Bridge. Part of the Appalachian Trail, the bridge offers both hikers and motorists a spectacular scenic view of the world famous Delaware Water Gap. A one-way toll plaza, located on the Pennsylvania approach, has 8 toll lanes. Tolls are collected in the westbound direction.

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