Toll Bridge

This was the fifth toll bridge to be constructed for the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.  The bridge spans the river between Dingman Township, PA. and Montague Township, N.J.  It [...]

Scudder Falls (I-295) Toll Bridge

Constructed between 2017 and 2022, the bridge is 1,834-foot-long with dual seven-span continuous welded steel-plate girder superstructures, each consisting of seven field-spliced girders.  Each [...]

I-78 Toll Bridge

The Interstate 78 Toll Bridge was opened to traffic on November 21, 1989. The bridge is a twin four-girder, seven-span continuous structure with an overall length of 1,222 feet. It is supported [...]

Toll Bridge

Opened to traffic on December 1, 1953, the main river bridge consists of a ten-span steel girder system with total length of 1,309 feet and a 32-foot curb-to-curb width. The substructures consist [...]

Delaware Water Gap (I-80)
Toll Bridge

The adjacent dual roadways are 28 feet wide each and are separated by an aluminum median barrier. A 5 foot wide sidewalk is located on the south side of the eastbound roadway, separated from the [...]