The Commission’s toll-violation fee structure mirrors what is charged by other toll-industry agencies nationally and regionally.  The Commission’s fees are intended to help cover the costs of the toll-violation collection process so that the cost burden does not get shifted onto law-abiding toll payers.

Violators under the DRJTBC’s toll-enforcement system are required to pay the toll.  Toll evasion is a public, strict liability and vicarious liability violation.  The following are not legal defenses or mitigating factors:

  • The violation notice wasn’t mailed sooner;
  • The driver did not intend to miss the payment or go through an E-ZPass lane;
  • Someone else was driving the vehicle.

Information on a registered vehicle owner who fails to respond to mailed requests for payment will be forwarded to a collection agency. Under state laws, registered vehicle owners are responsible for any toll violations regardless of who was driving at the time.

Violations Process Center

A customer who receives a violation notice should follow the instructions on the notice. To dispute or clarify the information on the notices, the Violations Processing Center may be reached as follows.

  • Information Website:
  • Processing Center Representative: 1-973-368-1425
  • Toll-free Phone number: 1-888-AUTO-TOLL (1-888-288-6865)

Please mail violation disputes or violation payments to:

E-ZPass Violations Processing Center
P.O. Box 4971
Trenton, NJ 08650