Some drivers of Class 1 passenger vehicles (two axles and less than 8-feet high) were overcharged when they used the right E-ZPass-only lane at the Trenton-Morrisville (Route 1) Toll Bridge’s toll plaza between February and early July.

A damaged E-ZPass reader in that lane sporadically caused an undetermined number of passenger vehicles to be charged a $9 toll instead of the prescribed $1.25 fare.   The problem initially appeared to be confined to SUVs, vans, pickup trucks, and cars with higher profiles, but further investigation reveals that misreads might have occurred intermittently with any type of Class 1 vehicle.

Because of the irregularities of when misreads occurred and which vehicles were impacted, the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission is urging all Class 1 vehicle owners using the Trenton-Morrisville Bridge’s right E-ZPass-only lane to check their account statements for possible overcharges as soon as possible.

Refund processes for overcharges:

  • New Jersey E-ZPass Group customers: Commission staff can facilitate refunds if a motorist’s E-ZPass account is administered by the regional New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center because it processes the E-ZPass transactions at the Commission’s toll bridges.  NJ E-ZPass tag holders should contact the Commission directly through its toll-free customer service line – 1-800-363-0049 – and be prepared to provide detailed information about respective overcharges.  The line is staffed during weekday business hours.  After hours, callers may leave a recorded message along with a phone number where they can be reached by Commission staff during weekday business hours.  Customers also may email detailed information on overcharges to Commission E-ZPass staff directly at
  • Non-NJ E-ZPass systems (Pennsylvania Turnpike, New York, DelDOT, etc.): Commissions staff cannot provide refunds to accounts that are not in the New Jersey E-ZPass Group’s database. Motorists whose E-ZPass accounts are not managed by the New Jersey Customer Service Center must contact their respective E-ZPass customer service center (Pennsylvania Turnpike, New York, DelDOT, etc.) to dispute any overcharges that may have occurred at the Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge and request a refund.  Commission staff cannot access E-ZPass accounts/databases outside its affiliated New Jersey system.
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